Twitter’s Place in Internet Marketing

Twitter’s Place in Internet Marketing: Use Your Tweets to Draw Needed Attention to Your Business

Developing a social media presence, for Internet marketing purposes, will only work in your business’ favour, especially if you can get people to follow your updates on Twitter or like your page on Facebook.  It’s a good way to keep in contact with your customers and to get their opinions on your business’ customer service or the products or services you offer.  When you do open your accounts, keep them active.  There is nothing more aggravating for people than to go to the page of a person or business they are interested in and seeing there is seldom activity on their account.  Use social media sites, such as Twitter, to your advantage and keep your customers engaged with your company.

Twitter followers are important because they have enough interest in your company to follow your account to get updates on your business or promotions on the products and services you offer.  If they like your updates, they may even share them with others on their account, called a timeline in Twitter-speak, by re-tweeting your tweeted update.  By sharing it with their timeline, you could garner interest from new people that know very little about your business.  It is your opportunity to promote to them.

Use Your Tweets Wisely

When you tweet, keep them concise and to the point.  Tweets only give you 140 characters to get your point across, so use them wisely.  Don’t ramble, just add your promotion or announce your blog update and provide a link to the page on your website where it can be found.  You are always wanting to drive traffic to your website so visitors can find out more about the products and services you sell.  Your website is where you want to try and develop customers.  You use your tweets to get your followers’ attention and peak their interest in your company.

Your website link should be prominent on your Twitter profile page so it can easily be found by your followers.  By clicking on your Twitter user name, your followers, or others interested in your company, will be redirected to your profile page.  Use that information to feature your website address so followers, and others, can easily find the link to your site and find out more about your company.  Again, one of the reasons you are using social media is to drive traffic to your website so you can find customers.

Get more information on using Twitter, and other social media, to promote your website by calling us and sitting down with one of our Internet marketing experts.

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