If B2B Lead Generation is Your Goal, Your Web Strategy Had Better Include These Tactics

If B2B Lead Generation is Your Goal, Your Web Strategy Had Better Include These Tactics

Marketing on the web is similar to offline marketing in many ways, however, a digital interface gives business owners many more options or ways to effectively market their businesses and brands. A web marketing strategy can include mediums like video and email, two marketing tactics that can and do reach a large number of people and are proven lead generators.

But especially for the small business owner, how do you know which digital marketing tactics are worth your time and money—which will deliver the results you need? If yours is a business that sells to other businesses, your strategy for marketing on the web takes on a whole other dimension. What works?

These Digital Marketing and Content Strategies are What’s Working Now for B2B Businesses Like Your Own

A recent survey by Business.com found that sponsored emails and white papers were the top two ways to effectively generate leads in a B2B situation. Of the 500 businesses surveyed across a variety of different industries, half said that the white paper was a marketing tactic that had proven itself to be very valuable to their overall lead generation strategy. Sponsored emails were named as yet another highly valuable way to generate leads on the web by nearly 40% of those questioned.

White Papers & Sponsored Emails Top Video & Webinars as Effective Web Marketing Tactics for B2B

The fact that white papers and sponsored emails were said to be the top lead generators for B2B marketing by those surveyed just goes to show how different every niche is, and that what works for one niche on the web may not be the best approach for another. In this case, the proof is that these two web marketing tactics beat out video marketing and webinars, two such digital tactics that are used extensively and with great results by many other niches on the web.

If your business requires a stealthy approach to B2B marketing for the web, get in touch with us at 1300 88 55 57. Together, we can design and implement the content marketing strategy that will deliver real results for your brand, too.

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