Solutions to Your Small Business Marketing Challenges

Solutions to Your Small Business Marketing Challenges

If you’re a small business owner, chances are you don’t have a huge web marketing budget. Although you might not think you have the cash to compete in marketing with mega corporations, and you’re probably right, there are ways to ensure your marketing efforts are effective, bringing you the volume of web traffic, leads and conversions you need to remain a key player in your industry.

Ensure Every Dollar is Spent Wisely–Marketing Tactics that Work

There are a few common challenges almost every small business encounters, when it comes to marketing; getting repeat customers, improving their conversions and making room in their budgets for marketing. Before we tackle the tips every small business owner should employ when marketing on the web, we cannot stress enough the importance of first getting to know who exactly your customers, or your prospective customers, are.

Defining Your Target Market both On and Off of the Web

You know you need traffic, but do you know who it is that’s most likely to buy your products? There’s little point cranking up the volume of traffic to your site if you’re failing to attract the attention of those most likely to become your customers. If your Newstead area business doesn’t supply services in other parts of Australia or other countries, there’s little point casting a web marketing net so big and broad that you’re getting traffic from China and Canada.

Start by first defining who it is that you want as your customer. Who is it that needs your products or services? Whose ‘pain’ will your offering ease? Get specific: we’re talking gender, age, income level, relationship status, location. Then, once you’ve got an image of the exact person you want as your customer, both on and off of the web, keep them in mind every single time you write a piece of marketing copy, send out a Tweet, write a blog post or announce a special promotion. Your traffic, leads and conversions will improve, once you know exactly who it is that you’re targeting.

Turn Your Web Traffic into Lifelong, Loyal Customers

One of the biggest challenges small business owners have is getting repeat customers. Sure, in order to grow you need to tailor your marketing strategy to attract new customers, but continuous, steady growth is the result of having a loyal following of customers, both on and off the web. Besides offering an awesome, quality product or service, you need to stay engaged with the people who buy your goods and services. This is where social media shines.

Social Media is a Must for Every Small Business

In order to build a loyal following of customers, businesses must dedicate some amount of their marketing time and money to staying engaged with their existing customers. With free social media profiles, a small business has the perfect place from which to share news about their business, tell customers about new products or services, specials and store promotions. Social media is the perfect place to tell and show your existing customers that they’re appreciated. If you don’t currently have a powerful social media presence, chances are you’re failing to convince your existing clientele that you appreciate their business and that they will continue to benefit from spending their hard earned money on your goods and services.

Improving Conversions: You’ve Got to Sell to Stay in Business

Most small business owners would agree that the point of having a marketing campaign is to sell more. With that being said, one of the biggest challenges most businesses face on the web is convincing people to buy. If a business has already defined their target market and are going after the right set of keyword terms (deep keyword research is a must—ask us why!), typically the problem is the site’s copy. Well-written and persuasive landing page copy is the key to turning the traffic to your site into longer read times, lower bounce rates, and eventually, paying customers.

It’s simple: you need to immediately make your site visitors an offer they can’t refuse or risk having them leave, taking their business with them. Take a look at your home page copy and then ask yourself the following questions:

  • Is my message relevant to my target market?
  • Does the copy present visitors with an attractive offer?
  • Do I have a strong call to action?
  • Is my landing page easy to navigate? Do I make it easy for people to learn more or to ask a question?

Sure, your site should be attractive and appealing, but a cool logo and pretty images aren’t going to win you customers. If you can’t write about your brand in a way that’s effective, get a professional to do it for you—I guarantee this will be well-spent marketing money!

Finding Your Marketing Money

Speaking of money, you’re going to have to spend some amount of money on web marketing if you want a hope in hell of being an industry competitor. In today’s world, those who are reluctant to invest in an internet marketing campaign and search engine optimisation will soon be out of business—I’d put money on it.  Even those small businesses that don’t have a lot of cash need to find the time and money to do some amount of marketing online. The old ways of marketing are dead, so cancel your newspaper and radio advertising and divert your money into marketing on the web. There are solutions for every type and size of business, as well as every budget. You’ve just got to wholeheartedly commit to succeeding online and trust those who know how to get your business where you want and need it to be to get the job done.

If after reading this you’re beginning to think that your web marketing efforts could use a little work, or you’re ready to invest in solutions to your online marketing challenges, call us at 1300 88 55 57 to learn more about the comprehensive internet marketing and search engine optimisation solutions offered by The SEO Company.

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