Put Your Social Media to Work for Effective Small Business Marketing

Put Your Social Media to Work for Effective Small Business Marketing

Have you ever posted something in Facebook or tweeted about your business and wondered if people were paying attention?  There are ways you can determine what it is that’s getting your followers’ attention on your social media accounts.

There are analytical tools you can use for your social media accounts that can tell you how much web traffic you are getting and you can see the comments that people make regarding your posts.  However, that doesn’t always tell the whole story as some followers or visitors may not take the time to comment or leave any indication that your content reached them.  The first hint you may get is when they walk through your door or order a product on your site.

When you have new clients visit your business, ask them how they heard about you.  Many will volunteer that they saw your post on Facebook or your promotion on Twitter.  Don’t hesitate to ask, though, if they don’t volunteer the information, and if you have a survey card, add your social media sites to the “how did you hear about us” survey.

You can also consolidate some of your web marketing efforts with your offline small business marketing efforts by including your Twitter account or the Facebook icon on your signage, in your ads or on any print information that goes out to your clients.   If you are going to direct your clients to your Facebook page, for example, keep your posts up to date with fresh, interesting content.

Schedule your online tasks so you will be sure to do them every week, in a timely manner.  If your page is interesting to your customers, they will continue to come back to read it and share it with people within their circle who might be interested in your company’s products and services.

To find out more about including social media as an important part of your web marketing strategy, contact The SEO Company and set-up an appointment with our experts.  They can evaluate your small business marketing strategy and show you how to improve your business with other online strategies.  Now’s the time to see what internet marketing can do for your business!

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