Don’t Let Fear Keep You from Making Video a Valuable Part of Your Web Marketing Strategy

Don’t Let Fear Keep You from Making Video a Valuable Part of Your Web Marketing Strategy

Avoiding things that make us nervous or uneasy is human nature. Still, when it comes to web marketing, sometimes you’ve got to step a little outside your comfort zone for the sake of you business succeeding online. Here’s the thing, video is a highly valuable tool for small business marketing. One of the biggest obstacles for businesses is making the sale, because in order to do so, you’ve got to make a lasting impression, get into the heads of your viewers and stay there so that they’re still thinking about your business for hours, days and hopefully weeks and months afterwards. The key to making a big impression on the web for little money? Video.

No matter how small your business or poor your understanding of video production, businesses that wish to stand out from their competitors on the web should be taking advantage of this powerful tool. So here’s a few tips to get you started creating the marketing videos that can and will improve your business’ conversions online.

It’s the Face Time that Counts to Your Customers

Whenever possible, web marketing strategies need to incorporate a human element to show distrusting web visitors that there are real people behind your business. A pretty website showcasing a cool looking product is great and all, but unless you prove that yours is a real business built and loved by real people, you’re going to have a hard time making sales.

Short videos filmed with something as basic as an iPhone and included in a post on your blog will take an article that may have attracted readers’ attention but failed to get them to buy, and turn it into a giant cow prod that sends those readers to your ‘Buy Now’ button or your business’ door.

Simple videos that feature you explaining part of your manufacturing process, showcasing your latest product or demonstrating the merits of a service are a proven way to crank up sales. Posting the odd video that features a customer raving about why your business is so amazing is also a highly valuable marketing tactic.

Nobody Cares What You Look or Sound Like: Getting Over Your Fear of the Camera

If you’re like the majority of people, you’re probably feeling a bit sheepish about being on camera, even if you know it will be a marketing boost for your small business. Here’s the truth: people don’t care if you look like a dork, have a voice like a pre-pubescent teenage boy, or if you muddle up your words. They care that you’re breathing. In actuality, it’s a marketing fact that people respond better to those who don’t look or act perfect on the camera; it’s that whole “oh, he’s just human” thing.

So dust off your iPhone or the camera you use to video your kids’ rugby games and give it a whirl. Fancy editing and background music aren’t necessary, although it’ll obviously win you points if your web video is original. Like we talked about with social media, make your web marketing videos about the passions you or your business share with your target audience. This way, your content will speak to those who watch it and help hit your marketing message home.

If you would like to learn more about why your small business should be using video to market your business on the web, or need help getting started, call us at 1300 88 55 57.

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