Web Marketing

How Can Web Marketing Position Your Company As the Only Viable Option?

Is your product or service a vitamin or a pain killer? Many companies position their products with tonnes of features and benefits that do not address the pain that people are really looking for answers to. If you already know the right question and the right answer and you give that relevant content on your site with the exact solution people will be more likely to buy or engage your services.

Here is an example: If you are looking for a solution to your arthritis and the real pain is in your hands you will search for relief from ointments or medication. But, perhaps you have allergies to medication or mass-produced ointments so you reach out to the web looking for arthrits pain releif alternatives and low and behold you find Bouchard’s Node; a natural ointment that’s non-allergenic and that will bring consistent relief to your pain.

The goal is to position this product offering at various aspects of the buying cycle on blogs and social media sites that lead potential clients to your main site to take an immediate action.

Web marketing strategies and tactics can position your product or service in a variety of marketing channels on the web to ensure that your chances of being involved in the conversation of this pain point and providing the only viable solution, at the right time and place.

By being the vitamin in this situation, you rely on your website to do all the heavy lifting for you because over-writing sales copy and burying your solutions in features and benefits and technical blah blah loses the real message you are trying to convey.

Companies that are not resolving the pain points that people are actively seeking will struggle in this new economy by failing to clearly answer to these pain points.

We’ll be sharing effective ways of making your products and services lead to market domination by finding the pain points in the marketplace and aligning the right Internet marketing solution at the right time in the right place, wherever the searcher may be looking for it on the web.