Adding Instagram to Your Web Marketing Strategy? Put these Tips into Action for the Best and Biggest Results

Adding Instagram to Your Web Marketing Strategy? Put these Tips into Action for the Best and Biggest Results 

Instagram web marketing

Do you secretly love to take selfies? Good! As I explained last week, your photo-snapping past time can be put to good use when you add Instagram to your business’ web marketing strategy.

This week, I’ll share a few more ways you can and should use this social media platform to popularise your brand and bring more business to your door.

Instagram Hashtags and Small Business Marketing

Just when you thought those pound-sign-led terms couldn’t find their way into any other part of your life, Instagram gives them yet another place to call home. Utilise the power of the hashtag to draw attention to your brand’s profile by attaching industry-related or relevant tags to the visuals you share.

What’s an example of how hashtags can benefit your greater digital marketing effort? Tag the images you take at a major fundraiser so that anyone in attendance can easily locate your pictures and reconnect with you or your brand via your Instagram profile, after the fact.

A couple of things to keep in mind when choosing hashtags: Keep your tags as relevant and specific as possible. Doing so will not only make it easier for others to find your images, which is the goal if you’re using Instagram as a web marketing tool, but it will also allow you to discover other hashtags that you may not have even thought of but that are actually much more popular than your originals.

Video Shared via Instagram

Give a little juice—for free—to your small business marketing by taking short videos and sharing them on Instagram. You don’t need fancy equipment or an in-depth topic to record a video that could be a web marketing asset.

Take short videos where you or a staff member describes the exciting launch of an awesome new product, an upcoming special promotion or the grand opening of a new location. The sky is really the limit when it comes to topics and Instagram is the perfect place to keep existing and prospective clients informed and intrigued.

Create a Profile that Demands Attention

There are many ways to optimise your Instagram profile so that it’s an effective representation of, and web marketing platform for, your brand. Be sure to include the obvious items like your website’s URL and logo, as well as a good description of the goods or services you provide. The less-obvious but equally as effective things you can do are work your company’s logo into the photos you take, tag your customers in your pictures to keep the conversation flowing, and make use of the space for captions to reach out to or inform your clients.

It’s not difficult to see that the small business marketing tactics that are the most valuable are those that cost little or nothing and still have a big upside when it comes to the exposure they can offer. When you consider that Instagram requires such a small investment of time and yet it can be used to not only attract the attention of new clients and drive more prospects to your website, but is also a great way to keep existing customers engaged, including Instagram in your digital marketing strategy seems like a no-brainer.

For more information on this or any other social media marketing tactic, call The SEO Company on 1300 88 55 57.

Adding Instagram to Your Internet Marketing Mix: Easy Steps to Take Action Now

Adding Instagram to Your Internet Marketing Mix: Easy Steps to Take Action Now

internet marketing and instagram

I know, you’re probably cringing at the thought of adding yet another social media platform to your internet marketing repertoire. But, with this being the year that, according to many marketing gurus, visuals will be the key to improving marketing reach and effectiveness for small businesses everywhere, dedicating a bit of time each day or week to Instagram seems like a smart business move and a small sacrifice.

Instagram Rises Above Other Social Media Platforms and is Quickly Becoming an Internet Marketing Platform of Choice

While Facebook and Twitter used to be the favourite hangouts for younger demographics, Instagram continues to grow in popularity and presents a valuable internet marketing opportunity, particularly for those business owners who need to reach more people from a younger target market to succeed online.

The great thing about Instagram is, as the name implies, everything happens pretty quickly. This means that while sharing visuals with prospective customers here is an effective small business marketing tactic, it won’t take up a great deal of your time. In fact, it can be pretty fun!

There are, however, some tried and true ways to use Instagram effectively so that what you do share with the intention of popularising your brand or reaching new customers is capable of giving your business a leg-up over the competition.

Small Business Marketing via Instagram

Make note of these tips and add them to your internet marketing repertoire:

Getting Started:

  • Create your Instagram account and include a link to your business’ website as well as your company logo in the profile. You can also connect your account to your Facebook page so as to quickly and easily inform Facebook followers that they can find your business on Instagram, as well.
  • Check out the Instagram for Business blog for tips on how to best use the social media platform in your own small business marketing, as well as some real life examples of  how other businesses are successfully sharing images and marketing, simultaneously.

What to Share:

Half the battle of effectively incorporating Instagram into your small business marketing mix is knowing exactly what you should be sharing. The following will help guide your actions:

  • Like with any other social media platform, you can tick followers off pretty easily with blatant sales pitches. This being the case, mix up your sharing by including images your followers will find fun or interesting, in addition to those that somehow relate to your service offering.
  • Prospective customers want to see behind the scenes at your business or your employees at work. Share these types of images to earn their trust.
  • Don’t think that because you’re using Instagram for internet marketing that you’re restricted to sharing images of your products, services or employees. Instead, think of visuals that somehow relate to your brand or the philosophy you follow. A restaurant that uses local, organic ingredients in the meals they prepare might include images taken during trips to local farmers’ markets or crates of fresh produce and livestock at a local farm.
  • A highly effective way to use Instagram for small business marketing is to share images of your products being used in ways that might not be blatantly apparent to everyone. When people can see just how versatile a product is, or that it can be used to satisfy one of their own needs, they’ll be more likely to buy it.

Getting More Followers:

Like Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn, the same rules apply when it comes to getting more people to follow you in Instagram; the sole reason you’re incorporating this platform into your internet marketing strategy–to reach more people online!

  • Follow others and, most importantly, be sure to follow back those who have already found and followed you; they’ve shown an interest in your brand, now convert them into your customer!
  • Be social! ‘Like’ your followers’ images and leave your comments. The more of an active participant you are, the more beneficial Instagram will be to your internet marketing efforts.

Put your brand in the middle of all the action online by creating an Instagram account and sharing visuals. Stay tuned next week for tips on how to effectively use Hashtags, sharing video and optimising your Instagram profile.

For more on this and other social media marketing, call us on 1300 88 55 57.

Say it with Pictures: Incorporate Images in All Your Social Media Web Marketing

Say it with Pictures: Incorporate Images in All Your Social Media Web Marketing

Especially this year, it seems the saying ‘a picture is worth a thousand words’ is a social media web strategysomething we should take note of, at least when it comes to planning our social media strategies. Trends in digital marketing have shown that rather than a thousand words, a picture may be worth a heck of a lot of followers or even leads when it’s shared through social media platforms. Infusing your web marketing with visuals so that the content you share in popular social media sites like Facebook and Twitter include things like infographics, pictures or videos, could be the key to small business marketing success this year.

Using Visuals is a Web Marketing Trend in Motion

While the use of visuals in digital marketing has been growing in popularity, it seems this will be the year when those who take advantage of the trend and include more pictures, video and infographics in the content they share could position themselves well for success online. Just look at the way Instagram took the social media world by storm last year; everyone, everywhere was snapping pictures and sharing them, whether for personal or web marketing purposes.

Why Images are Effective

It’s a well-known fact that people engage on a higher level with images than they do straight text. Rather than spewing loads of digits that your followers will quickly forget, or skip over all together, an infographic is the way to imprint your message in a lasting, meaningful way. Sure, few small businesses will have the time or maybe the budget to create an infographic every time they want to share content that contains statistics, but even if you reserve the use of these images for the content you feel is most interesting and relevant to your social media followers, it’ll undoubtedly give your digital marketing efforts a leg-up over the competition.

Capitalise on the Power of Images

Put images to work in your web marketing strategy to not only drive home your content’s message but to also popularise your brand. When you take lots of pictures of the products or services you sell, your employees hard at work or the happy customers you serve, sharing them with your social followers could have a powerful effect.

Imagine you share a picture of your latest product with your Facebook followers; a super slick, custom graphic messenger bag. Those who follow you may feel compelled to Tweet out the picture to all their friends and followers who they know take an interest in custom clothing and accessories, too. Before you know it, the digital marketing for your latest creation has been done for you. Now all you have to do is sit back and wait for the orders to start pouring in.

Pinterest and Instagram are Great Platforms for Small Business Marketing

If you don’t yet have accounts with Instagram or Pinterest, it’s time you set these up. Pinterest, especially, is an amazing lead-generation tool. This social image sharing site also added a highly useful analytics tool for businesses, through which business owners can track and measure the success of their pins.

No matter your business’ niche, taking photos with a smart phone is a quick and easy way to promote your brand and generate more buzz around the products and services you offer.  Not only that, but interacting with followers in social media and presenting images of the people behind your brand builds trust and are two proven ways to generate more leads and sales.

Boost the success rate of your business’ web marketing efforts this year by incorporating visuals in anything and everything you share. While videos may take a little more time and planning than snapping a couple of quick pics with a smart phone, this is also a visual with powerful digital marketing potential.

For guidance on how to take your social media marketing to the next level with visuals, call The SEO Company on 1300 88 55 57.

Handling Bad Press with Proven Internet Marketing Tactics

Handling Bad Press with Proven Internet Marketing Tactics

Whether your business has a physical location or operates exclusively online, the free flow of information from anyone, anywhere can present some amazing opportunities. It can also make you or your brand more vulnerable to negative comments or reviews.

Whether what they say is true, partly true or totally false, it only takes one bad comment to paint you or your business in the worst possible light for everyone else who finds you or it on the internet. While typically the goal of internet marketing is to popularise your brand by telling people why it’s awesome, sometimes internet marketing, or some amount of your marketing online, has to be more about damage control.

Depending on the type of comments or reviews that are made about your business, and more importantly where those comments surface on the internet, there are different ways you should respond or actions you can take to manage what could be disastrous, if left to circulate.

When Internet Marketing & Damage Control Meld

Just like small business marketing offline, a key goal of marketing on the internet is to be the brand or person people think of or turn to first, when they need the types of products or services you offer. But if Joe Blow decides to post a review of your restaurant that says you’ll find better tasting or fresher seafood washed up on the beach than you will coming out of your kitchen, it’s a lot harder to convince those new to your brand that yours is a business worthy of their time and money.

1) Taking the High Road is Good for Marketing

If the naysayer made their remarks in an internet directory, the best response is one that’s polite and shows them and others who read the review that you’re serious about addressing issues and pleasing customers. Even if they’re totally out of line, apologise and invite them to give your restaurant another shot with a half priced lunch or dinner. Responding to your disgruntled customer this way can actually be good for marketing, as people are often a little more leery of a business that receives a perfect rating on the internet anyway, but can sympathise with those who make mistakes and are willing to take action to improve. It’s that whole, ‘they’re only human’ thing.

These suggestions are, of course, meant for those instances when you can’t actually remove bad comments or reviews. By all means, if someone says something bad about you or your business on your Facebook page or blog, where you have the ability to remove the comment all together, go for it!

2) When Professional Internet Marketing Tactics are the Only Cure

There are instances when you have absolutely no way of easily erasing a bad review so that it’s not the first thing people see when they find your business, and no amount of apologising or freebies will persuade people that your brand is the one they want. Actually, you’d be surprised to learn just how often serious cases of nay saying on the internet threaten the reputations of people and businesses. In these situations, your best course of action is to enlist the services of a professional SEO and internet marketing team to bury the bad comments, reviews, press releases, online articles or whatever other form the blasphemy took, into the abyss.

In the past, we’ve helped many individuals and businesses save their online reputations, even when the top search results for which they appeared were those where people said the worst things imaginable. This is a viable option worth considering.

The Damage is Done—What Now?

Sometimes, however, the bad someone says about you or your brand has spread too far and fast, or the allegations are too serious for any amount of internet marketing or PR to wipe the dirt from your good name. In these cases, you may need to take legal action. Clearly, this wouldn’t be the action you take when someone says their coffee was cold, but if slander or libel threatens your livelihood, you’ve probably got a case worth making.

Preventative Measures

While it’s easy to say that the best way to avoid negative reviews is to keep your customers happy, you can’t please everyone. There will be times when someone has it out for you and there’s not much you can do but be ready to manage the fallout. Especially if yours is a business that depends on online leads and sales, there are some proven internet marketing tactics you can use to build a solid following and trust in your personnel and your brand. When you’ve got a strong social media presence and profiles in all of the relevant local business directories across the web, a bad comment will do little to sway others’ positive opinions.

To be sure, highlight testimonials, reviews and feedback from customers who can’t say enough good about your company. That way, if new visitors read something bad about your business before you know it exits, the positive testimonials and reviews will ensure their first impression of your brand is a little more balanced.

Learning from Bad Press

Something to take from bad press is that it can show you where or what to improve. It might be hard to find a silver lining when someone’s totally uncalled for comments require a great deal of smoothing over or extra internet marketing, but it may make you more aware of the fact that building trust through social media and publishing quality content is vital not only for being found but also for building and maintaining a great reputation—one that will stand up to whatever sh** someone tries to throw at it.

For more information on small business marketing for reputation building, or to learn how The SEO Company can and will bury bad press for you, call us at 1300 88 55 57.

How to Harness the Power of LinkedIn as a Web Marketing Tool for Your B2B

How to Harness the Power of LinkedIn as a Web Marketing Tool for Your B2B

Social media is undoubtedly one of the most important small business marketing strategies available, right now. For little or no cost at all, you can effectively market your business and brand to people through a number of channels on the web. While Facebook and Twitter are both very valuable for digital marketing, LinkedIn is the networking site every B2B needs to be using if they want to increase web traffic, leads and sales, all the while building brand loyalty.

The following is a guide to maximising the power of LinkedIn to the benefit of your business. I’ll be frank: To really reap the rewards of this web marketing gold mine, you’re going to have to invest some time and maybe some money to properly network in LinkedIn. But when traffic to your website spikes and you’re getting more business from the people and types of businesses you serve, what you put into LinkedIn will seem like a small and totally worthwhile investment.

 1) Make an Impression with Personal and Branded Company Profiles

  •  For any business owner who plans to use LinkedIn for web marketing, this is where they need to start; crafting highly professional and totally complete profiles for both their business and themselves. Profiles that lack information or contain spelling and grammatical errors are poor representations of your business—if you can’t even finish your LinkedIn profile or read it over for mistakes, what does that convey to others about the services or products your business offers?
  • Also, your personal profile deserves as much time and effort as the page you create for your business. In any type of marketing, but especially web marketing where people need more convincing that you are who you say you are, presenting the human side of a business is crucial to earning trust. This means your personal profile must contain a professional yet friendly-looking photo, and a complete ‘Interests’ section will be just as valuable as your education and experience when it comes to convincing those who read your profile that you and your business are real and capable.
  •  Be sure to add links to your website in both of your profiles. After all, driving traffic to your website should be one of the major goals of your LinkedIn marketing efforts.
  •  Effective digital marketing via LinkedIn will also require you to use the right ratio of keyword terms so that your profiles are found. This is the topic of a post for another day, but something you need to keep in mind if traffic is—and should be—a goal.

2) Make Connections with Anyone…and Everyone

While it might not seem like reconnecting with your old schoolmates or ex-girlfriends will be of benefit to your business, making connections—and lots of them—should be your goal in LinkedIn. Even if an old co-worker is in a totally unrelated business or industry, they might know someone who needs the services your business offers. Connections in LinkedIn help build authority and trust and a recommendation from a mate or boss can boost web traffic, leads and even sales.

Start by making a list of anyone and everyone you know or have dealt with in the past. Search for your friends, co-workers, acquaintances, current and past business associates, customers and suppliers. You’ll be surprised to see just how many people you actually know.  From there, you can keep adding to this list of connections by connecting with your connections’ connections and the people you meet while interacting in LinkedIn Groups, another very valuable marketing tactic.

3) Interacting in LinkedIn

Unfortunately, it’s not enough to just build profiles; you’ve got to interact by making regular status updates, adding links in your updates and the content you share to your website and others.

  • Ask questions and answer people’s inquiries about your business or area of expertise. Interacting in LinkedIn is what gives you and your business credibility. Remember, no amount of web marketing will win you traffic, leads and sales if people don’t trust that you are who you say you are.
  • Join groups that relate to your industry or that interest you. With more than a million groups to choose from, you’re likely to find something that applies, but if not, create your own group.

4) Content Your Connections will Appreciate

Just like any other web marketing you do, marketing in LinkedIn requires quality content. Write articles and share eBooks or How-to’s that your connections will appreciate. Remember who your audience is and that while it might be appropriate to share a post on a particular topic on your business’ blog, the people you connect with in LinkedIn might not find it as interesting or worthy of a read.

Before you start thinking there’s no way you’ve got enough time to dedicate to LinkedIn, ask yourself if you can afford not to have a strong presence on this business networking site. When your competitors are marketing themselves effectively in LinkedIn, you’ve got to do the same or lose out. Besides, LinkedIn makes the pool of web prospects a little shallower by bringing B2B people and their businesses together. The least you can do is participate and reap the rewards!

If you would like to learn more about creating a highly effective LinkedIn profile and what it takes to network like a champ, or would feel more confident hiring a team of web marketing experts to do it for you, get in touch with The SEO Company on 1300 88 55 57.

Are Your Web Marketing Efforts Driven by Emotions? If You’re Trying to Drum Up Business on the Web, Make Your Marketing More Emotional

Are Your Web Marketing Efforts Driven by Emotions? If You’re Trying to Drum Up Business on the Web, Make Your Marketing More Emotional

No, I’m not saying you should beg people to buy your products or services or tell them that without their business your small business will never succeed (even if it’s true), but rather, frame your web marketing, and especially the content you create, around emotions. There are at least 50 different emotions that you can cater to in your content and framing whatever you write on the web so that it taps into these common emotions is one of the best ways to make your marketing more relevant and, therefore, more effective.

Choosing Which Emotions to Use in Your Small Business Marketing

When you sit down and start thinking about the various pain points your business can address for people, it’s actually pretty easy to identify the emotions that are most relevant for use in your web marketing. Say your dental clinic wants to earn more teeth whitening business. What pain points might your teeth whitening services solve for prospective customers and what are the types of emotions that are likely involved? People typically seek out teeth whitening because they want to improve their smiles by making their teeth whiter. This might be driven by feelings of embarrassment, insecurity or shame if the prospective customer’s teeth are stained. Or, maybe your dental clinic wants to attract more business from people who wish to be sedated when they visit the dentist, and the likely emotions here are fear and/or discomfort.

Once you start brainstorming, you will likely see your small list of blog topics or how-to’s grow exponentially as the various emotions your business can address makes way for tonnes of content ideas.

Don’t Feel Guilty: You’re Not Toying with People’s Emotions but Providing them With the Solutions they’re Looking for

When business owners are coming up with their web marketing strategies or new ideas for content, they tend to shy away from addressing emotions straight on. This is often because people feel guilty, like they shouldn’t target another’s fear or embarrassment in an effort to make money. Sure, it may feel a little uncomfortable (those are your emotions talking!), especially when you’re talking about death or pain, but you can look at it in another, more positive way, being you’re helping them find answers to whatever it is that’s driving their emotions. We all want to avoid those emotions that make us feel bad, and maybe you’re business has a great solution for one or dozens of those different feelings.

The Bolder the Better

While you don’t want to be tasteful and risk turning people off of your business, you should be bold when you’re writing with emotion in mind—tell ’em straight and say it loud! If, for instance, you’re marketing your company’s stretch mark eraser cream, tell your target market exactly what the cream will do for them, emotions-wise: ‘End Your Insecurity & Anxiety this Bathing Suit Season. We’ll Tell You How.’ People aren’t put off by such blatant emotion targeting but are relieved to learn that A) they’re not the only ones feeling that way and B) there’s a solution to end their angst, fear, sadness, or whatever. Headlines like this and content that’s framed around specific emotions attracts attention and is powerful in as far as marketing on the web is concerned.

When You’re Feeling Frustrated, Scared or Confused by What it Takes to Market a Small Business Successfully on the Web, Entrust Experts with the Task

If the thought of writing something that could potentially be seen by hundreds, thousands, maybe even millions of people on the web has you feeling anxious, get in touch with us. When it comes to web marketing, we’re confident we know what it will take for your small business to succeed. In fact, we’re excited by the thought of showing you just how big your business can be! Okay, okay. Jokes aside, call us at 1300 88 55 57 to learn more.

Simple Steps for Using Pinterest in Your Internet Marketing Efforts

Simple Steps for Using Pinterest in Your Internet Marketing Efforts

Despite the fact that Pinterest has accrued tens of millions of users in just a few short years, many large and small business owners are still missing out on the big opportunity that this social media platform offers. When it comes to internet marketing, every business, but especially small businesses, need to take advantage of any and all free opportunities for promoting their brand or the products and services they offer. Interacting on Pinterest is a wise business decision, as statistics show that the people who learn about a particular product through a recommendation on Pinterest spend more money than people who find out about a good or service from another source.

There are, however, some things to keep in mind when designing an internet marketing strategy that includes Pinterest. Like, for instance, the fact that 80% of Pinterest users are women. Keep facts like these and the following in mind to make this social media site a useful addition to your marketing plan:

The Same Rules Apply in this Area of Internet Marketing: Fresh Content is Key

In order for a small or large business like your own to successfully promote itself via Pinterest, you’ve got to make an effort to add fresh content, much like you do on your site’s blog. With Pinterest, however, fresh content can include images, recipes, how-to’s and videos, to name a few examples. It isn’t enough to just interact through Pinterest, by pinning others’ content, you need to draw attention back to your own brand with creative pins that feed users’ (p)interest.

Using Popular Pins to Your Advantage is a Smart Marketing Strategy

When determining which images or ‘pins’ to add on behalf of your business, choose ones that relate to those currently trending on Pinterest. If, for instance, people are obsessively pinning recipes for Christmas baking, it might be a smart marketing move to add images of your small business’ line of handmade aprons and oven mitts in festive fabrics. Blatantly marketing your business won’t win you any favours with Pinterest, but relating your business’ offering to popular pins will help you attract the followers you want and need.

This is just a small summary of some of the ways you can and should be using Pinterest in your internet marketing campaign. When done properly, business owners enjoy a nearly endless supply of new leads and sales. To learn more about this social media platform or any other large or small business marketing tactics, call us at 1300 88 55 57.

How Important are Internet Marketing & SEO for Small Businesses? According to a Recent Study, As Important as it Gets

How Important are Internet Marketing & SEO for Small Businesses? According to a Recent Study, As Important as it Gets

A recent study performed by Optimising, a Melbourne-based SEO team, found that of the 350 small businesses surveyed, more than half had not initiated any type of website SEO campaign for their businesses. When it comes to internet marketing, even though those surveyed know the internet possesses a variety of effective avenues through which a business can market its brand, only a small portion of the respondents were making use of the various marketing platforms on the internet.

What the study, entitled 2013 Small Business Online Marketing Report, found was that even of those who did have an active SEO or marketing campaign under way, more than half were not in-tune with where their traffic was coming from or if it was even due to the SEO tactics that were being performed on behalf of their website. Throughout a variety of different sections in the report, including whether or not a small business uses PPC or social media for marketing, the overwhelming majority of responses demonstrated that there are still many small businesses in Australia who don’t fully understand the power of the internet when it comes to marketing their brand, or that going forward a well-designed website that’s properly optimised and marketed on the internet will replace all other methods of marketing—this is already underway and is accelerating as we speak.

How important is website SEO or internet marketing to a small business? If you’ve yet to take the ‘hint’ and heed the recommendations I make in my blog posts on a weekly basis, perhaps mumBRELLA, the Australian media, marketing and entertainment news source put it better when they described the study’s results as proving marketing on the internet was as important to a small business as insurance.

So what insurances are you taking to ensure your small business is still afloat and thriving five years from now, and not like the 35% of responders who sell their goods and services solely on the internet and yet still aren’t taking full advantage of all the proven and low-cost internet marketing tools that are available to them?

Whether your business employs 2 people or 200, the days of putting off SEO or internet marketing are over. Bring your business the traffic, leads and sales you need to thrive, both now and in the future.

To learn more about starting a custom marketing and SEO campaign for your website, call us at 1300 88 55 57.

Facebook is a Great Internet Marketing Opportunity, But Are You Reaching Potential Customers In Time?

Facebook is a Great Internet Marketing Opportunity, But Are You Reaching Potential Customers In Time?

Ask any marketing consultants whose specialty is internet-based marketing and they’ll tell you Facebook is a great no-cost, or at the very least low-cost, way to advertise your brand. If a small business with an even smaller marketing budget has the opportunity to tap into literally tens of thousands, maybe even millions, of people on the internet via their Facebook page, for free, that’s an amazing thing. The catch? You’ve only got about 2.5 hours to reach as many people as you can.

According to the American Facebook analytics group, WiseMetrics, 75% of the potential reach for any Facebook post is achieved in just 2 hours. Adding to this internet marketing analysis, WiseMetrics also found that 75% of total engagement occurs in the first 5 hours and 75% of the total impressions you’re going to make from one post on your profile will take place in 2.5 hours. What about a business’ prospects for reaching a global audience? In just 30 short minutes, 50% of the total global reach will have already taken place.

Refining Your Marketing Strategy for Facebook—Make it Count!

What does this mean for your small business and your internet marketing strategy? You had better make those Facebook posts as interesting and informative as you possibly can and commit yourself to posting as regularly as possible, or else have marketing consultants like ourselves hook you up with a powerful feed that will automatically post to your Facebook page from your blog (call us to learn more!).

What it Means for Your Small Business

So your aim is obviously to reach as many people as you possibly can in the amount of time WiseMetrics says you have before your ability to do so with your content drops off into the abyss. Any marketing consultants that are worth their weight will tell you that writing posts that speak to your potential customers’ pain points is the best way to not only get them reading but also clicking through the pages of your internet offering. Our content consultants would tell you to start with your business’ list of frequently asked questions and to brainstorm post ideas directly around those main questions and concerns. Hopefully, your posts will generate conversation which you can use to engage your prospects further with follow up posts and discussion questions.

Analysis is Key for Future Internet Marketing Success

Follow the above steps each day for at least two weeks, preferably a month. After your trial period, look back over what it is that you achieved; did your post on pre-winter boat maintenance generate more conversation and reach more people than your post about tips for travelling on a boat with kids? What does this tell you about your readers and how can this direct your future content and marketing efforts on Facebook?

Just about everything moves faster on the internet and your marketing efforts had better keep up. In the future, every time you create a post for your business’ Facebook page, remember that the clock is ticking and that you need to make the biggest impact you can, straight away.

To learn more about effective social media internet marketing strategies, or our comprehensive solutions for small businesses like your own, call us at 1300 88 55 57.

The Roles Impatience Play in Your Web Marketing Campaign

The Roles Impatience Play in Your Web Marketing Campaign

Generally speaking, people are impatient. While there may be a select few who are content plodding away, diligently carrying out their everyday tasks while quietly waiting for their just rewards, most of us are more of the ‘give-it-to-me-now’ breed. Now that’s all well and good, but allowing impatience to get the better of you while at the same time ignoring this common human characteristic when designing and implementing the small business marketing tactics that are necessary if you want to compete on the web, can be detrimental on a number of fronts.

Acknowledge Your Impatience When it Comes to Marketing on the Web—then Deal with It 

I’d be lying if I said there were only a small number of web marketing clients who let their impatience get the better of them and pulled the plug on what promised to be a totally successful SEO or internet marketing campaign, before it had time to reach its full potential.

It takes time to for any online marketing campaign to boost web rankings, to crank up the volume of web traffic to your site and to increase the amount of money in your pocket. A web marketing campaign that will produce the type of highly targeted traffic and sustained growth your small business needs takes even longer. SEO and internet marketing are more of a marathon, not a sprint, and only those who can bridle their impatience and pace themselves for the long-haul will become the web heroes and heroines of tomorrow.

Still, Thinking like Your Impatient Web Visitor Will Win Your Small Business Favours Online

It’s one thing to not let your own impatience for bigger and better traffic and conversions to get the best of you and to make the type of rash decision we’ve seen all too often in the past, but it’s another to ignore the ‘impatience’ factor when laying out your site and designing your marketing plan of action. I’ve gone over this time and time again, but I can’t stress it enough: if your site isn’t clearly laid out and your web visitor, no matter how keen, can’t find what they want or need—straight away—you’re going to lose their business. By catering to your impatient visitors with a clean and clear design, obvious calls to action and concise copy, you will feed their need for instant gratification.

“So What’s it Going to Take to Get My Business to the Top?”

Cool your jets, mate, I’m getting there! All joking aside, if you want your business to become a major contender on the web you’re gonna need to grin and bare it for a bit. There will be good days and bad, as far as your rankings are concerned, but trust your SEO and/or internet marketing provider to do what they know best, and give them the time that’s needed to guide your business’ website through the turbulence so that it can claim its just reward—a position at the top and the traffic and conversions that go with it!

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