Local Search Marketing & Mobile Sites More Important than Ever for Local Businesses

Local Search Marketing & Mobile Sites More Important than Ever for Local Businesses

The results of a recent study performed by Local Search Association in the U.S. shows that it’s now more important than ever for local businesses to do some amount of local search marketing, specifically for the mobile sites that consumers are increasingly using via their smart phones and tablets.

If you’re at all in-tune with website SEO or internet marketing, you know that even small-scale, local businesses need a powerful online presence if they hope to grow. No matter how incredible your service offering or your charming personality, you will never be an industry leader—even in your local area—if you aren’t doing some amount of local search marketing for your website. Your local surf shop might have a small loyal clientele, but if your competitor is the only one appearing in the search engine rankings when local surfing enthusiasts are looking for the types of products and services you provide, they will reap the rewards of a well-marketed brand and you will, well, still be waxing boards for the same small list of locals.

Online Directories + Location-Specific Keywords + Your Mobile Site

We’ve talked at length about the benefits of giving your website and your business a presence in online local directories, but the Local Search Association’s research, Local Media Tracking Study, found that it’s now more important than ever to optimise your mobile website for local search. Don’t have a mobile site? Going forward, this will likely be one of the best investments you can make for your business. More and more, local people are searching for the products and services they’re ready to buy from their mobile devices, like smart phones and tablets. If your website isn’t compatible with these devices, those locals will likely move on to your competitor, whose site they can search quickly and easily when they’re on the go.

Mobile Users Who Visit Online Directories are Ready to Buy

So what does local search marketing for your mobile-friendly site entail? Optimising with the right location-specific keyword terms and marketing in all of the relevant business directories, for starters. The study also found that the people who visit online directories from their mobile devices are ready to buy—makes sense. This means that when your mobile-friendly site ranks well for those local search terms, you will be set to dominate in your local area. And if you thought having a mobile app for your site would be enough to satisfy this growing group of searchers, the study also found that users prefer mobile websites over apps.

Now’s the time to establish a powerful local presence not only for your business’ main website but also your mobile site. Local search marketing, including optimising with the right location-specific keyword terms and creating profiles on online business directories is a must. Invest in the future of your local business today—get in touch with us.

Google Updates Algorithms Daily: Staying One Step Ahead with Search Engine Optimisation

Google Updates Algorithms Daily: Staying One Step Ahead with Search Engine Optimisation

Even if you don’t work in search engine optimisation but own a business with a website, you’ve likely heard about the major algorithm changes Google rolls out every now and again, changing the way the search engine evaluates and then ranks websites. Unless you own one of the millions of sites whose optimisation efforts and previous search engine rankings were obliterated by a previous algorithm change, the change in your traffic may have been so minor that you didn’t even bat an eye. Lucky you. Next time you might not be so lucky…

The thing about Google’s algorithm updates is that many people, in and outside of the search engine optimisation industry, only hear about the big, earth-shattering updates and aren’t even aware of the fact that Google makes one or even two algorithm updates every day. This means that on a daily basis, the search engine makes changes that could make your previous optimisation tactics redundant and virtually destroy the progress you’ve made thus far in terms of ranking your website. Now, it’s likely these daily updates won’t wreak the kind of havoc that the big Panda and Penguin-style changes can and do, but unless you’re in-tune with the industry, constantly researching and adjusting your optimisation strategy, you may never know when it is that your site is ‘safe’ or when it’s next on Google’s hit list.

Protecting Your Site Against Total Ranking Destruction

The first thing you absolutely must do is align yourself with a proven search engine optimisation company. The SEO Company, for instance, dedicates a significant amount of time and money to research and staying up-to-date and ahead of changes in the industry that could affect our clients’ rankings and traffic. We’ve said it once and we’ll say it again: There is ABSOLUTELY NO WAY you can get the best possible rankings, traffic, leads and conversions for your business online if you aren’t an expert, 100% totally committed and invested, in this field. We’ve successfully predicted and adapted our optimisation strategy BEFORE the last major algorithm updates even took place. Our clients have experienced nothing more than small waves while countless websites around the world have had their rankings battered by the tsunami equivalent of Google’s updates.

Whether you’re actively investing in or doing search engine optimisation for your site, one of the only ways to safeguard your rankings is to always strive to make your site the best possible resource it can be, for your industry and your prospective site visitors and customers. Google will always work to provide their users with the best possible experience, which means you, too, have got to work to make your site the best option in search.

To learn more about Google algorithm updates, how to keep your head above the water when they take place, and how you can improve your site to ensure it’s always a favourite in search, no matter the search engine giant’s algorithms, get in touch with us. Helping clients succeed online through search engine optimisation best practices is our specialty!