Search Engine Optimisation

What Is Search Engine Optimisation and Why Do I Need It?

Search Engine Optimisation is the art and science of making changes to a website to increase the relevancy of keyword phrases that searchers use to find your products or services in the search engine results pages through search queries. The more relevant your site’s keywords are to the searchers’ intent, the more traffic and conversions and ultimately more profits for your online business.

Whether you’re doing a SEO campaign in-house or hiring a company like The SEO Company to run your campaign, a successful campaign results in higher search visisibility with an increase in people clicking through to your site from the various search engines.There are two primary categories of optimisation:

On-Page Optimisation includes the following best practices:

  • Structural changes to a website’s navigation to improve its visibility to the search engines
  • Site architecture modifications
  • Fine tuning of your content management systems through programming html andd css
  • Using highly relevant content and internal linking structure to attract more inbound links and traffic to your site

Off-Page Optimisation includes the following;

  • Link Building – Developing one way links with websites linking to your specific site to improve your overall rankings
  • Reducing server load times
  • Content Curation, Syndication and Promotion (Growing your inbound links and traffic that will lead to more conversions)

When was the last time you actually slowed down to read a compelling billboard, or stopped to read a poster in your local cafe? We see hundreds, maybe even thousands, of ads daily through traditional marketing tactics found offline and yet people still hope that somehow it will translate to more visitors coming to their site. In most cases, they are wasting vast sums of their marketing dollars on ineffective campaigns.

The ultimate success of any website is based on a very simple formula:

Traffic x Conversions = Profits

Out of all of the available campaign channels online, Search Engine Optimisation is the most effective way to position your company online. A combination of strong market research, targeted keywords, on-page optimisation, optimised site structure and off-page optimisation will lead to greater profitability.

We are constantly sharing our knowledge, networks and compassion for helping you succeed with your internet marketing efforts online by expanding on this topic on a regular basis.