For Small Businesses, Google Places is a Must: Local Search Marketing Made Easy

For Small Businesses, Google Places is a Must: Local Search Marketing Made Easy

Whether you like it or not, your business must have an online presence if you hope to be successful. The internet has made all previous methods of finding the businesses that can satisfy your needs redundant. Why would you need to look anywhere else when the internet is brimming with options after just a few clicks on the old keyboard?

But if you’re like most small business owners, you know your business inside and out but aren’t necessarily well-versed in internet marketing. Searching the net to try to discover where it is that you should focus your attention when it comes to website SEO can leave you feeling more than overwhelmed, as SEO gurus and bloggers swamp you with information about social signals, Google Analytics, Google Adwords, organic search, Google +, Places and others.

So here’s where you learn what’s most important to the brick and mortar local businesses; local search marketing, and more specifically, Google Places. If you had to focus your attention and your SEO marketing money on one thing and one thing only, it would be to have a profile for your business in Google Places. Here’s why:

If you have the type of business where you need local customers to come to your store or office in order to make a sale, then the primary objective of your website should be to make your business known to more people from your local area. This is where Google Places comes in.

By setting up a profile for your business in Google Places, you have a much better chance of being found by the people in your local area. Let’s say, for instance, that you have a mechanic’s shop in Brisbane. You fill out your Google Places profile completely, using the keyword terms that you deem most important and most often used by people to find the types of services you offer. When prospective customers do a Google search for ‘Brisbane mechanic,’ if your site dominates those in Google Places for this search term and ranks in the top 5, all the information a person needs to find your business or to at least call to ask for more information on the services you offer, will be right there, front and centre.

Of course, there are local search marketing techniques that you can and must use to make your profile stand out within Google Places. If optimising your profile and your site’s content with quality keyword terms is beyond you, this is where a team of SEO marketing experts comes in. But, with that being said, Google Places is a much smaller, more targeted space within the World Wide Web and so dominating the search results and being found by locals is a much easier feat for the small business owner to achieve.

Once you’ve properly created your Google Places profile, prospective customers can find and learn about your business offering at home on their computers or on-the-go from their smart phones. But then why stop at Google Places? Carve out a presence in the dozens of other local directories online and your business will be positioned to profit from its online presence in a very big way.

Now’s the time to dominate your local market. Be found with local search marketing. Contact The SEO Company for more information.

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