Have Multiple Locations? There are Local Search Marketing Solutions for You

Have Multiple Locations? There are Local Search Marketing Solutions for You

Learning how to strategise your local search marketing efforts for a business with several locations within a state in Australia can be difficult.  When you optimise your keywords for local search, SERPs will show results within your business’ local area based on the address.  Now, however, you can get state-wide results, including mapping, on Google.

Keep in mind that search engines are constantly updating their ranking criteria and you shouldn’t focus your Google SEO efforts on ranking on maps for a state or even a nation-wide search.  Think of it from a customer’s perspective and consider what they might want to see from a state-wide, rather than a city-wide search.

Local and Not-So-Local Searches

When a potential customer conducts a search for local businesses, they will probably start within the vicinity they’re in and then work their way outward if they don’t find any results close to them.  For instance, rather than search for “carpet cleaning Brisbane,” they might opt to search “carpet cleaning Greenslopes” in order to find a carpet cleaning service closer to them.  If that search doesn’t yield the results the searcher wants, they will expand their search to include a wider area, but seldom will they search state-wide.

If your business has multiple locations within a city or state, you will want to include a location page on your website.  That page will allow you to show your prospective customers just how large your business is and you can use Google maps to pinpoint your locations.  For current customers who have used your services for a number of years, it will help them find you if they are moving to another area in which you have a location.

When you have a Google + account for your business, add your state-wide or nation-wide locations in your business description.  When Google + ranks for a state, it is still dependent on only one physical location within one city rather than multiple locations.  You will want to set your Google + page service area to reach state or nation-wide so all of your locations are included.

It becomes important for your to note your locations on your company’s website or within your social media account profile, so when your prospective customers conduct a search for local businesses, they can not only see how big your business is, but they find the location that is right for them.  If they find your service to be outstanding, they will also recommend it to friends who may be out of their local area, but within your service area in another city.

We can help you with your local search marketing efforts for whatever size business you have.  Incorporating local strategy with your greater internet marketing campaign is a must for brick and mortar businesses.  Contact us at The SEO Company to speak with one of our team members today.

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