Local Directories versus PPC: Which is Better for Ranking Locally?

Local Directories versus PPC: Which is Better for Ranking Locally?

When it comes to business advertising, especially internet marketing, finding the manner in which you can attract the most attention while investing the smallest amount of time and money is key. So, on the topic of ranking in search engines for location-specific terms, is listing your business in local directories and employing location-specific keyword terms in your profiles, site copy and blog posts best? Or, are your business advertising dollars better spent on PPC?

The seemingly continuous stream of algorithm changes has scared some people away from using organic methods for ranking local businesses and their websites online, but despite the fact that algorithm changes can be frustrating and undoubtedly annoying, using local directories and location-specific keyword terms is still preferable to PPC, when it comes to ranking locally.

So Many Benefits to Going Organic

When you take the time or spend the money to have your business listed in the free online local directories, you’re not just getting your company listed with the rest of the local businesses in your area in directories that may or may not rank your site well when people use the locally-based terms in their searches for the goods and services you offer. Instead, you should look at a good local ranking as a bi-product of the work you do to make your brand known in your local area. So, for instance, getting your site listed in these online business directories and writing posts and guest posts about the topics that matter to prospective local customers has an effect that will grow exponentially over time.

When you write a blog post, for example, you’re not only creating content for your website, which site visitors will appreciate, but there’s a good chance that article will get shared, as long as it’s interesting. Sharing then creates a series of links and greater brand awareness, all of which will work in your favour when Google and others go to rank your site.

With PPC, on the other hand, in order to take your local business advertising further, you’ve got to spend more. The only way your efforts can grow exponentially over time is by investing more money. Not all local businesses have the type of advertising budget that will allow them to get all that far with PPC, and so the organic method is preferable.

Free Online Local Directories

If you haven’t already, now is the time to give your business a presence in as many free online local directories as possible. If you don’t have the time to create location-specific, keyword optimised profiles for each of the directories, consider hiring someone else to do this task. The SEO Company offers comprehensive local SEO services, including the creation of directory profiles for local businesses, unlimited profile updates and more. Get in touch with us to learn more and never miss another opportunity to attract the attention of your local clientele.

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