Highlight Your Company’s Service Areas in Your Content: Using Local Directories & More to Get Customers to Your Door

Highlight Your Company’s Service Areas in Your Content: Using Local Directories & More to Get Customers to Your Door

Optimising the content for your company’s services is the best way to get your local business ranked in multiple cities that are within your service area, especially if you provide onsite services, such as plumbing, carpet cleaning or lawn services to name a few.  Usually, you will only rank on most search engines for the city where your business address is located, and you are unlikely to rank in the maps section at all.

With the content on your website or social media postings, as well as the information you post in local directories, you may be able to outrank those with map listings in SERPs.  Your ability to service multiple locations should be mentioned in your content and on your website so that searchers see that you can service their area, regardless of whether or not your business only has one location.

Your business advertising, whether online or offline, should also mention that you can come out to a client’s location to service them.  While that is a given with most onsite services, you still want to mention your company’s ability to accommodate clients that may be in a different suburb or city within the content you include on your website or within your tweets or other social media postings.

Content is one of the most important factors in ranking well organically and you want to be consistent with your updates.  Schedule your blog postings, tweeting or other postings so you get them done and don’t wind up putting them on the back burner.  If you aren’t consistent, searchers will notice and will be less likely to revisit your website or your Facebook page.

However, if you are consistent with fresh, interesting content, you will not only get multiple visits from the same searcher, but they will be more likely to recommend your site, your Facebook page or Twitter to their online friends.  Consistency with good content will help improve your ranking and you will be more likely to get the visitors you need for conversion.

The use of local directories, even the ones you have to pay to be listed on, will pay off for you as well.  You can highlight your ability to service multiple locales within your business description on those sites.

To grow your local business, learn more about putting your content to work for you by contacting us at The SEO Company.  Effective internet marketing is within reach!

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