WordPress Categorising & Tagging Works to Your Internet Marketing Advantage

WordPress Categorising & Tagging Works to Your Internet Marketing Advantage

WordPress has become a popular blogging platform for many business websites and website SEO firms.  It not only commands a large number of visitors, but many of the features on WordPress make it easier to do search engine optimisation.   Two of its features, ‘categories’ and ‘tags,’ help your visitors and search engines to better sort the information on your blog.

Of these features, which can be found on the right side of the text box in which all media and text are written to be posted, categories are used to sort your information with broader themes and tags can describe keywords relating to a particular post.  While they are both important for sorting through your site’s information, categories are not an option, you must use them.

You can categorise your blog posts in WordPress with a main category and then further define your blog’s information with subcategories.  For instance, if you are blogging about tennis, your main category heading would be “tennis” and your subcategories could be “current female tennis players,” “retired female tennis players” or “tennis tournaments.”  Your subcategories would be nested under you main tennis category.

To find the tab with which to name your categories, look under the “Posts” link on your dashboard.  The number of categories you have will probably expand over time as you use WordPress on a consistent basis to blog for your business.  To start off, just use your main category heading and, as you continue to blog, you can then sub-divide your category.

Tags can be used to complement your search marketing strategy by providing keyword or keyword phrases used in your blog.  A tag will provide a link that shows all the posts you’ve made using that tag.  So, if on your tennis blog you used a keyword like “winner French Open 2010,” your tags could be “2010″ or “French Open” and, when you click that tag, all your posts relating to tennis in 2010 or the French Open that you’ve tagged will appear.

Working together, categories and tags will give a lot of information about your blog and its posts to both your readers and search engines.  With consistent blogging, it will help your blog posts rank higher on SERPs and provide a boost to your Internet marketing strategy.

The SEO Company can help you use WordPress to your business’ advantage.  Contact us for an appointment to find out how.

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