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How to take advantage of the latest company page updates on LinkedIn

As part of your overall social media marketing strategy LinkedIn can allow you to focus on the business sector and network opportunities to generate leads to your business.


LinkedIn started in 2002 as a site to bring professionals together to find work, share their expertise, experience and do some networking along the way.

As LinkedIn broadened its reach, they decided to add business pages because the people using the service wanted it and LinkedIn was being pressured by competing platforms like Facebook to deliver the service.

As recently as September 2012, LinkedIn made major updates and changes to its company pages, again following Facebook’s lead. Alright, so enough of the history lessons, let’s look at a few examples of the new design and talk about how you can optimise your LinkedIn company page;

Here’s an example of Oracle’s company page with the new look. The issue for many companies is they have yet to update their company pages to take advantage of the new look and functionality. So let’s cover a few areas that you can work on;

Company Status Updates

Status updates are a great way to use search engine optimisation to create content about your business on a trusted third party platform with the ability to link back to your blog or main site.

Images will be a little larger from your updates.

Be sure that when you post an update that you copy and paste your link to a specific article so that LinkedIn will pull the right image and post for you. From there, you can edit and publish.

Be sure to add a call to action to each update, making a few promotional and most conversational in context.

Keep in mind, like Google + and Facebook, you can also post events here and take polls if you need to.

Another cool feature is the ability to make an update sticky by placing it at the top of your home page.

Like Google + Circles, you can target specific groups of followers to which you want each company update to go. This is a great way to segment your markets and potential buyers by their personas and demographic.

Take advantage of LinkedIn’s analytics to measure how your updates are performing.

One of the bigger pieces that LinkedIn added last September was visibility on mobile apps.

Tablets are booming in sales now , especially the iPad mini and iPad and LinkedIn has stepped up and made sure that these are visible on all of these platforms.

 Banner Images

You know the old phrase an image is worth a 1000 words; Add a banner image to the top of your company page like the example from Oracle above. For those of you with Photoshop skills, here are the dimensions you need for the banner: 646 x 220 pixels. Don’t forget to save for the web so that you keep your image size to a minimum. Include your unique selling proposition in the banner.

The “About” Section

The About section has moved to the bottom of the page. Just make sure that it is up-to-date.
Sample-LinkedIn about page

Example from MarketMeSuite

Specialties Section

In the speciality section of your company description, just be sure to inject a few highly relevant keywords so that people or companies searching for you will find you much more easily.

Career & Products-Home Tab

LinkedIn has put their usability cap on and made Careers and products more visible in the sidebar now. This increases the chances that companies and people will look at your products, services and careers section.
It’s ok if you don’t have any careers available as LinkedIn will default to “Learn more about our company and culture.” Usually, they also show the logo that you have added as your default there.

When entering your products and services in the product and services section on the sidebar, just be careful to choose your primary product service first as this is what will show up first in the sidebar. Consider putting other promotional campaigns here like ebooks or reports, free SEO audit, free assessment, etc…The objective here is to attract and engage your audience to take the next action or make recommendations about your business.


Example: Oracle’s Career Section design

product services oracle linkedin page

Product services oracle linkedin page

Sample of Oracle’s Product & Services Page with Recommendations in the sidebar

Product Recommendations – Home Tab

One of the big updates that is front and centre on your home tab is the product recommendations in your sidebar. This is a great place to highlight any recommendations people or other company endorsements you have to show. Don’t be afraid to ask your clients for recommendations.

LinkedIn has caught up to the other social media channels and is providing a unique opportunity for businesses of all sizes to get their market story told.  Use LinkedIn to get your brand out there and add value to your vertical markets and your industry.

Are you ready to get started on your company LinkedIn page today?

Please share your thoughts and comments with us. If you are feeling a little overwhelmed by all of this, you can always get in touch with The SEO Company and we will help you design and optimise your LinkedIn company page.

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