Why Pinterest Should be a Part of Your Internet Marketing Plans

Why Pinterest Should be a Part of Your Internet Marketing Plans

Keeping up with social media sites is becoming a full-time job in itself as new ones continue to crop up online.  While Facebook and Twitter seem to dominate the social media market, a new unique site has appeared, generating more interest into the site on a daily basis.  It is also becoming more important in search engine marketing.

Pinterest, an image sharing social media site, has already gained over 10 million registered accounts, of which approximately 2 million sign on every day to “pin” photos, videos and graphics to boards categorised by interests.  These boards are often shared with followers through social media sites such as Facebook or Twitter.  Your brand’s images and logos could be those that Pinterest users like to “pin” to the boards and share with your other fans, clients and prospect.

Here are the 3 main reasons your business should have a Pinterest account:

1. Adds to Your Web Presence – Pinterest is yet another way to build upon your presence online.  Pinterest has become the third most popular social media site behind Facebook and Twitter according to Internet marketing experts and they site it gets more than 21 million visits per week.

2. Adds to Your Backlinks – Each image contains a link back to its original source. If it is your image, that is a backlink directly to your website, which can also create referrals.  Use this to your advantage by posting quality image content of your products and services, as well as videos.

3. Adds to Your Ranking – Google indexes Pinterest content, which can impact your SEO ranking.  Optimise your Pinterest comments and image descriptions with your important keyword phrases to help you outrank your competition for those keywords.

If your business doesn’t have a Pinterest account, get one started today. More than likely, your competitors already have accounts and are using it to their advantage and snatching customers out from under you.  Contact us at The SEO Company to help you add Pinterest to your internet marketing campaign.

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