Local Business Marketing

Getting Started With Local Business Marketing

Before beginning the process of marketing your business online locally there are a number of things you should be considering;

1.   Conversions – What is the next action they will take when they land on your website; do you have a clear call to action, sign-up form, and contact page?

2.    Keyword phrases that people will be querying to find you with

3.    Multiple locations where you are serving customers

4.    Rankings in the Search Engine Results Pages

5.    Product and Store information in the Search Engine Results Pages

Insure that all 5 tactics above are your key starting points and that this is clearly stated on each result page being indexed;

  • What are you selling?
  • what does it cost?
  • Why should I believe you?
  • What’s in it for me?

Starting off on the right food will minimize issues that may crop up later on in the development process of your site.

Here are a few tactics to consider in order to generate more traffic to your business.

1. Get your site optimized for Local Search Make sure you get found and you have a clear call to action

2. Target only quality localized keywords for your site Start with broader terms

  • Add local modifiers
  • Make sure the terms have enough traffic

3. Create local landing pages

  • list local clientele
  • Include testimonials
  • Consider Video
  • Have a call to action

4. Consider using a theme based site structure

5. Utilize micro-formats

  • For geo-taging your location
  • For Product tagging

6. Local citations

  • Claim your Google Plus local listings
  • Insure that you complete the full profile
  • Claim all local listings directories

7. Consider local PPC campaigns

  • Adwords express localized listing
  • Make sure the ad has a landing page with a clear call to action

8. Consider local reviews

  • Groupon
  • Daily deal sites Facebook ads, contests, sweepstakes via wildfire

9. Mobile Marketing
Consider using QR codes on all of your printed campaigns to draw users online Set-up profiles on local review sites that people can find you locally.

10. Keep checking back often for latest internet marketing tips, strategies and tactics for local search marketing

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