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Why your Competitors’ Internet Marketing Strategy Matters to You

Wouldn’t it be nice to know what your competitors are doing that allows their website to rank above yours in search engine results? Yes, that would give you the competitive edge to mirror their SEO efforts, go over and above what they’re doing, and find yourself with a better page ranking than them in no time flat. Now you’re probably asking, “Is this even possible?” It is indeed possible! It’s a competitor analysis and it’s how we start every internet marketing campaign.

Without SEO tools, it’s extremely laborious to discover where all of your competitors’ links are coming from. Tools allow us to reverse engineer you competitors’ Pay-Per-Click advertising campaigns and it’s clear to us, upon review, which keywords your competition is focused on. This doesn’t mean that your competitors know how to achieve success, but it’s important to see what they’re doing.>

Use competitive analysis to excel by taking a large sample of indirect competitors in various jurisdictions but within your industry. Your immediate or direct local competitors may be swimming in the shallow end of the internet marketing gene pool so looking at what people are going in other Australian cities or even abroad, can help you to discover golden opportunities for keywords.

Sophisticated internet marketing tools allow us to analyze scores of different sites to establish who’s achieving real results and who is not. You may think your direct competitor is pulling in leads because they’re number 1 for a particular keyword, but how can you be sure? In all likelihood there are dozens even scores of profitable keywords that you may have overlooked. A competitive analysis is part of discovering them.

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