Internet Marketing Can be Stymied when Keywords are “Not Provided”

Internet Marketing Can be Stymied when Keywords are “Not Provided”

As a part of your internet marketing strategy, keyword research is vital so you know how to optimise your content to draw more traffic to your site.  Without knowing which keywords or keyword phrases are being used by searchers, you would be blindly putting up content and hoping that visitors find your site among the millions of websites that exist on the Internet.  Doing that would be like your searchers finding a needled in a very large haystack.

Using Google Analytics to research keywords is an important part of any business’ website SEO strategy, as it gives out important information not only about which keywords are used, but how long a visitor stays on a site and where they are from.  All of this is important information for your small business marketing strategy.  However, you may wonder why suddenly “Not Provided” is appearing in your site’s Google Analytics information.

The “Not Provided” Story

Rather than seeing the keyword term used to find your website, Google is not providing the source of the keyword that was used.  So, instead of providing you with the name of the keyword source, it is showing “Not Provided.”  This category, if you will, is appearing at the time of most of the analytical information Google provides and may account for as much as 20% of all your searchers.

Google is saying this is happening because they are attempting to protect the privacy of their users, but it does create a problem for those responsible for your website SEO and Internet marketing efforts.  If they don’t know how your traffic is finding you, they can’t optimise your site to bring in more traffic with those keywords or keyword phrases that had been used.

To get around this lack of information from Google Analytics, you can opt to use other software to analyse your web traffic and provide you with the keyword information you need to optimise your site.  Luckily, every one of the individuals or businesses who work with us can rest easy knowing that we can access the ‘Not Provided’ list and use this information when designing their campaigns.

Keywords and keyword research are a tricky business but vital to your overall campaign. To find solutions to the “Not Provided” dilemma, or to have a team of experts provide you with the keyword research your site needs to succeed online, contact The SEO Company for more information.


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