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Are You Taking Advantage Of The Google Authorship Program?

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Have you noticed photos like this in the search results pages and wondered how they do that and why it matters? Many SEO’s discuss the benefits of the Google Authorship program as a way to broadcasting the right social signals as part of your social media marketing campaign using Google +.

The real benefit of using the “rel=author” tag, which is part of your html mark-up within HTML on web pages, is to link the page to your Google+ profile page.

Authors that have verified their “authorship” with Google, have their avatar displayed alongside search results.

Here is what that tag looks like:
<a href=”[Your_Google+_Profile_url_Goes_Here]? rel=author”>Google</a>

We believe that the Google Authorship program is a must for anyone who is in charge of updating their website or blog with content on a regular basis. The final result will look like this, but we’ve got you covered with the step by step process to get it done:,ppl_aut:1

gplus sample page 2

Notice my name in the search query. My Google + profile will look similar to this as well:

Why does this matter?

The authorship program will benefit any content contributor wanting to build their brand online. It ensures that any sites to which you are contributing are visible with your Google author and Google+ profile as well as increasing your visibility in the search engines and their results pages.

It is also important to ensure all authors are enabled with this program as it will contribute to your rankings in the search engines. Google calls it AgentRank or AuthorRank and Google measures the +1s and shares and gives your author a relevancy score when displaying search results.

How to get enrolled?

These instructions for how to set it up are straight from Google. Once you have your Google+ profile set-up you move onto these steps.

1.     Create a link to your Google+ profile from your webpage, like this;
<a href=”[Your_Google+_Profile_url_Goes_Here]? rel=author”>Google</a>
Replace [Your_Google+_Profile_url_Goes_Here] with your google + profile URL, like this;
<a href =””>Google</a>
Don’t forget any part of this as it will not connect to your Google profile properly

2.    Add a reciprocal link back from your Google profile to the site(s) you just updated.
Edit the contributor to section In the dialogue that appears, click ‘add custom link,’and then enter the website URL
If you want, click the drop-down list to specify who can see the link Click ‘Save’

To see what author data Google can extract from your page, use the Google rich snippet tool to test it.

3.    You can monitor the results of this with the Google Webmaster tools set-up in your Google Analytics

Here are some important resources to help you with this:

If you’re using WordPress, here are a few plug-ins to consider:

Hope you find this helpful as part of your Internet Marketing strategy and feel free to leave comments or get in touch with us at The SEO Company

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