Commit Yourself to Doing Just 30 Minutes Every Day & You Could Take Your Business to a Whole New Level Online

Commit Yourself to Doing Just 30 Minutes Every Day & You Could Take Your Business to a Whole New Level Online

Ask any small business owner and they will likely tell you that one of the things they’re short on, in addition to money for marketing, is time. Growing a business on or off the internet takes time, dedication and smart marketing. It can, however, seem hugely overwhelming at times to try to squeeze another few hours out of the day so that you can dedicate yourself to marketing your business with yet another strategy. The truth is, just by committing themselves to doing 30 minutes of basic internet marketing, each and every day, any small business owner could see a vast improvement in their traffic, leads and sales on the internet. Small business marketing doesn’t have to cost big bucks, but it does require a commitment of 30 measly minutes each day, from you.

Internet Marketing: The Express Version

If you can manage to shave some time off your morning ritual of reading the paper, doing a crossword while you drink your coffee, or even opting to reply to your many business related emails at a later point in the day, you can surely eek out 30 minutes to knock out a few internet marketing tasks.

The First: Build at Least One New Relationship Each Day

Whether you choose to do your business marketing via social media, finding and connecting with new followers, or commenting on a forum, another person’s blog post or even answering a question posted on your own blog, small moves on the relationship building front can evolve over time, growing exponentially when others like what it is that you have to say and decide to share your information or recommend your business to another. The internet is a big place and you can quickly feel overwhelmed trying to market your business to everyone, everywhere. Take 10 and make a new friend in one of the many channels online. You never know where it will lead for you and your business.

Staying On Top of Your Internet Marketing Results

After you’ve tweeted, shared your comments in an industry forum, and/or made a new connection in LinkedIn, take another 10 minutes to review your Google Analytics account to see which keywords are bringing you traffic today, and take a quick peak at your rankings. The more in-touch you are with your business’ marketing achievements and failures, the better positioned you will be to do more of what’s working and less of what isn’t. Marketing consultants, like our own team at The SEO Company, will stay up-to-date on these stats, but it’s important for you, too, to be aware of where your business stands in comparison to your competition. Remember, marketing a small business doesn’t have to be costly, but you’ve got to be committed. And who doesn’t like to see that their marketing efforts are paying off, anyway?!

Industry News

One of the biggest challenges of marketing a company, big or small, on the internet is proving to potential customers that yours is a business they can trust. One quick and easy way to show you’re an authority is to stay current with the latest industry news and to then post your reaction or comments to what’s new and happening in your niche on your blog or Facebook, or tweet it out. Take your last 10 minutes and spend it reading up via Google Alerts or any industry news source. The more you know about current trends and the like, the more convinced people will be that they should spend their money with you.

That’s it! Of course, the more you do in terms of internet marketing, the better off your business will be. If you’ve got the time or money to commit to a greater number of more sophisticated marketing tactics, call us now at 1300 88 55 57.

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