Building a Powerful Online Presence: Have You Got What it Takes? A Two Part Series

Building a Powerful Online Presence: Have You Got What it Takes? A Two Part Series

For most business owners, internet marketing is pretty unfamiliar territory. It makes sense that unless yours is a business that does search engine marketing and the like you won’t know much about what it takes to create and implement a successful internet marketing campaign.

Often, when we meet business owners who are interested in starting an internet marketing campaign, we find there are some common misconceptions about what’s involved or how long it takes to create a solid presence online. Whether it’s you slogging away, trying to build the type of web presence that will attract new followers to your brand and customers to your door, or a team of internet marketing pros who are doing it for you, the following is meant to give you an idea of what it takes to build the type of web presence you want and need to stay competitive.

This is the first in a two part series.

Brochure-style Websites Don’t Add Value. The Content You Do or Don’t Create will Determine Your Success

Hands down, the thing that determines the success of any online small business marketing campaign is the value of the content provided. If you continue to create and share the type of content and information that your prospective customers are searching for, you will achieve the results your business needs. If you put in minimal effort, however, merely use your website as an online brochure that does nothing to engage your customers, yours will never be a business to which others in your industry compare themselves. Considering this, if you’re not actively blogging, you’re already behind the curve when it comes to your online presence.

You know exactly what I mean by a brochure-style website, don’t you? Your logo and layout might be pretty, but it’s not impressing anyone.

Focus on the People in Your Market and Forget About the Rest

Search engine marketing or internet marketing campaigns that aren’t created for and focused on reaching the people who are most likely to want or need your products and services are willy-nilly, haphazard and will never produce real results. Market your brand to the people who care and see what happens.

It takes deep market research to determine who your customers are online and you might be surprised to learn that the people who are looking for your goods and services from their computers and smart phones aren’t necessarily the same people who visit your store or office in person. If you’ve never done market research, it’s time you did.

Find what Works. Rinse and Repeat

If the people most likely searching for your business’ offering could care less about whiteboards or e-books, don’t waste your time trying to incorporate them into your online presence. Try a variety of different tactics but then follow up with them and see which ones really work. If the people in your niche eat, sleep and breathe Twitter and Facebook, you know where you’ve got to spend your time. Use one of the many tools available to track the results of your efforts—for those SEO Company clients who want to learn more about the tool that’s available to you, get in touch with us.

*Stay tuned! Tomorrow we’ll let you in on the rest of this two part series about creating a powerful online presence. To learn more about anything we’ve talked about here, get in touch with us.

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