Your Brochure-Style Website is About as Useful as an Ashtray on a Surfboard. Improve Your Internet Marketing Results—Ten-fold—with a Rebuild

Your Brochure-Style Website is About as Useful as an Ashtray on a Surfboard. Improve Your Internet Marketing Results—Ten-fold—with a Rebuild

When it comes to marketing, brochures do serve a purpose. If they didn’t, businesses around the world wouldn’t invest their hard earned dollars into the little paper pamphlets that showcase what a business has to offer. Brochures, however, don’t serve a purpose on the internet and your website, therefore, shouldn’t be the digital version of a paper pamphlet.

What is a brochure website? Basically, the internet equivalent of the paper kind; attractive and provides the business’ contact details but that’s about it. Not only does a brochure website provide little value to visitors, but it also doesn’t benefit your website SEO, because the URL structure, domain anchor text, internal link structure, navigation structure, meta data and/or keyword densities aren’t in-line with SEO best practices.

To put it simply, in order to rank quickly and well on the internet, your website, from start to finish, has got to be designed, developed and maintained according to Google’s ranking criteria. If you aren’t using the right keyword terms in the right places or the correct number of times, the backlinks to your site are spammy, or you’re not interacting with people via your blog or on social media sites, you will always be working against the current, as far as your website’s SEO campaign and internet marketing are concerned.

But it isn’t just your website SEO that suffers when you own a brochure site; site visitors have little incentive to stick around when they land on this style of site. For internet marketing to be a success, that is for you to convert site visitors into customers, you’ve got to give them something, such as quality, informative content by way of a blog, or at the very least, convince them to stay with compelling copy. Marketing your business on the internet isn’t far off from marketing a brand offline, in this regard, as people want to feel confident that where they spend their money is legit and the best option available.

The Solution

When people come to us hoping to achieve amazing ranking results and fast, sometimes the only solution to their needs is to re-build their site according to SEO best practices. Designing and building a website that’s SEO-friendly, from start to finish, is the absolute fastest way to become number one in a market, online.

If this sounds like a wise investment to you—and it is—contact us to learn more about how we develop the SEO blueprints that rank websites faster and more effectively. Put your business’ best foot forward in SEO and internet marketing by banishing your brochure-style website to the abyss. Call us at 1300 88 55 57 today!

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