Crisis = Danger +Opportunity: Be On the Right Side of Internet Marketing

The internet is still a very ‘wild west’ market place compared to the physical world – Charlatans and Snake Oil salesmen abound and your choices will either make you a winner or a victim. There’s a perpetual, deliberate culling of the herd online and it’s inescapable.

Slowly, the dodgy SEO providers are going the way of the dodo bird, but their lingering ideas and advice are like land mines for the novice website owner. Honest business operators looking to increase the value of their websites need to be very careful of the strategies they employ – today’s great idea is tomorrow’s website ranking sink hole.

A sound web strategy is diverse, ‘natural’, comprehensive and in accordance with the requirements of savvy users, major search engines and social channels.

It’s certainly not enough to tack up some ‘run of the mill’ static copy and blog content. Your content strategy must appease the search engine’s latest whim (they change their tune every fortnight if not every day) and your readers enough to get them to share it, read more of it, and eventually be persuaded to become a lead or new customer.

If you have a store or physical location, you’ll need to be capitalising on the latest local SEO tactics using mobile sites, GPS, locally based keywords and micro formats. Failure to do so means competitors rank better and enjoy more inbound leads and sales from the web.

Web marketing is lorded over by NSA founded Google, which seems intent on monopolising the web, forcing businesses to spend evermore dollars on search engine marketing – Google Adwords. Google is ‘sort of’ like the ultimate welfare state for SME’s; they offer hordes of free goodies that make businesses dependent on Google Tools – literally addictive – only to slowly boil the frog by first taking away the ‘freebies’ and forcing everyone to pay them for online exposure.

One counter to this monopolisation is the proper use of search engine optimisation which encompasses all of the above to some degree – even Adwords is vital to SEO research in order to discover keywords with buyers intent. SEO is highly beneficial when helpful content of all stripes is scaled across all channels; real social signals from real people who take an interest in your goods and services. It’s anchored in websites that present information or themes in such a way that both robots and humans will appreciate and reward.

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