Content Strategy

What Is Content Strategy and How Can You Get the Most from It?

Whether you’re developing your own content in-house or outsourcing it, your content writers should have a working knowledge of SEO copy writing, understanding keywords, searcher behavior and even building up buyer personas.

No one should ever build a page for a website with commercial or even educational intent without first answering these questions:

  • Why should I believe you?
  • What are you selling?
  • What does it cost?
  • What’s in for me?
  • What is the outcome of this page? Call to action, fill out a form, opt-in to a newsletter?
  • What would compel the user to take that next action in the first place?

When developing your content strategy, you have to build a story around Global Market keywords, Market Story keywords, Customer Story keywords and Your Unique Story keywords to combine into a unique selling proposition.

By assessing your current content like videos, pod casts, printed materials, offline campaigns, press releases and so on, you can start to form a content matrix of all of your existing content. You can then re-purpose this content to build your own unique story and share your service or products with the world.

Content curation can also help to reduce the volume of new content that you will have to generate to stay competitive in the new socialsphere and blogsphere we live in today. It is still okay to use paragraphs or quotes of other people’s content as long as you give a link to the original source of content and make the new content your own, as much as you can. Better yet they have given you permission to repurpose there content.

We’ll be giving internet marketing tips, strategies and tactics to keep you ahead in the growing world of content strategy and content marketing as this channel grows.